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Ocean Team Scandinavia

Vesterhavsgade 56
6700 Esbjerg
75180077 (dagtimerne)
75180077 (nattetimerne)
40 employees

Jens Peder Ravn Thomsen, CEO

+45 4033 7026

Klaus Andersen, COO

+45 6168 2366

Technology Provider to the Energy Industries     

Development, construction and production of customized purification systems to the oil & gas-, wind, marine, power generation and refinery industries.

Offshore Oil & Gas: 

Ocean Team Scandinavia offers equipment and knowledge to environmentally safe storage of CO2, readying CO2 masses for storage permit using the CCUS REACTOR®.

Ocean Team Scandinavia also offers mobile units for maintenance of Enhanced Oil Recovery systems, e.g. on-line programmes allowing continued production such as on-line descaling-, on-line pulse flushing- and on-line defouling programmes.

Offshore Wind:

Ocean Team Windcare offers unique equipment for maintenance of fluids and fluid carrying systems on offshore wind turbines. The equipment is certified to operate in the fragile maritime environment by DNVGL, DNV and IMDG standards.

Marine, Power Generation, Refineries and CHP plants:

Ocean Team Powertech offers a broad variety of oil analysis in accordance with ISO and AS standards, determination of water in oil and mobile units to restore optimum production on site.

We specialize in:

  • SCCO2 (CO2) Flushing of long narrow pipes up to 40 km
  • Oil Flushing with ATEX zone 1 approved equipment
  • Chemical cleaning with ATEX zone 1 approved equipment
  • Hydrostatic pressure test of pipes and tanks up to 30.000 PSI
  • Stationary high-pressure washing up to 1.000 bar
  • Total cleanliness control in hydraulic systems
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