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Maersk Training Denmark A/S

Ravnevej 12
DK-6705 Esbjerg Ø
+45 70 22 79 50 (dagtimerne)
35 employees

Frank Holst Christoffersen

+45 70 22 79 50

Company profile
Maersk Training’s course facilities in Esbjerg covers 3.000 m2, and has 16 modern class rooms and practical facilities at its disposal.
Maersk Training also has new facilities built in 2016 at the harbour of Esbjerg.

The training center contains café areas with free Wi-Fi connections, fruits and coffee for the

Maersk Training in Esbjerg:

  • Focuses on the oil & gas, maritime and wind industries
  • Delivers learning that ensures safety of the employees in the industries
  • Delivers training of specific technical knowhow, that are fundamental
    competencies for working in wind turbines
  • Strives to conduct courses and training as realistic as possible, e.g.
    conducting boat courses from the training platform in the port of Esbjerg

    Product solutions:
  • Maersk Training aims to make training as cost-effective as possible for
    the customer
  • Maersk Training provides a “one-stop-shop” including all necessary courses
    required in the industries
  • Maersk Training conducts courses in basic oil & gas offshore safety, technical skills,
    firefighting,first aid, various boat courses and wind turbine training
  • Maersk Training ensures that the delegates have the relevant certificates,
    and are ready to work after having completed the efficient training programme.

Training Management Services, a customized solution for all your global training management needs. It offers a range of benefits, bespoke solution that fits clients specific scope requirement 

Being part of the Maersk group, Maersk Training has access to considerable in-house operational experience. These competencies will be used when developing new courses or enhancing existing courses.

Certifications & Standards:
Maersk Training is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified by DNV GL. The courses are conducted in accordance with relevant industry standards such as DEA, IMO, IASST, OPITO and GWO

The people:
Maersk Training is proud of a well-qualified, motivated and service minded team that always focuses on the customers’ needs.
The number of employees today counts 35 persons in Esbjerg; including highly educated firemen, nurses, medics, chief officers, navigators and other professionals with practical field experience.

Our main courses

Oil & Gas:

OPITO BOSIET, OPITO FOET, OPITO HUET, First Aid Worker, Offshore Fire Team Member, Offshore Fire Team Leader, H2S


STCW BST, STCW Fire Fighting, STCW Advanced Fire Fighting, STCW FRB, STCW Combi-Boat incl.Freefall simulator, OPITO FRC Boatman, OPITO FRC Coxswain,


GWO BST and BST-R package:GWO Sea Survival, GWO First Aid, GWO Working at Heights combined with Manual Handling, GWO Fire Awereness,GWO Slinger Signaller
GWO Basic Technical Training (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics)
GWO Advanced Rescue, GWO Enhanced First Aid, GWO WLA Offshore/Onshore Limited Access 

Also development and execution of customer specific course are in the course calender.


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