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IKM Ocean Team

Vesterhavsgade 56
DK-6700 Esbjerg
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43 employees

Jens Peder Thomsen CEO, IKM Ocean Team

IKM Ocean Team offers services on our worldwide platforms for the oil and gas market, which needs cost-effectiveness on conventional services and effective, on-line technology provision ‘greening’ the oil and gas production without shutting down.

Mobile solutions, on-line solutions and customized solutions for cleaning technical fluid carrying systems are our core competences: oil flushing, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, cooling water maintenance, and the related analysis are used in on- and offshore industries like oil & gas extraction, refineries, power stations, CHP plants, the maritime sector, wind turbines and general production industry.

Contributing to the industry since 1995, extensive knowledge forms the base for innovative solutions in the areas of CCUS and PtX.


We specialize in:

•Chemical cleaning with ATEX approved equipment
•Acid treatment
•Oil Flushing with ATEX approved equipment
•Oil-analyzing (particle counting) in ISO 4406, ISO 4407 and AS 4059
•Determination of water in oil by use of Karl Fischer titration
•Oil purifier (remove water from oil)
•Hydrostatic pressure test of pipes and tanks up to 30.000 PSI
•Stationary high-pressure washing up to 1.000 bar
•Total cleanliness control in hydraulic systems
•SCCO2 (CO2) Flushing of long narrow pipes, Chemical Injection Lines, and valves
•CCUS, determining corrosion rate for safe storage of CO2 underground

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