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SafeExIT A/S

Herstedøstervej 19
DK-2600 Glostrup
+45 43 45 50 10 (dagtimerne)
12 employees

Peter Wenøe

Explosion protected equipment
Ex Torches, Portable lamps.
Ex fluorescent light fittings, pendant lamps and flood lights.
Ex signal and Escape sign luminaries.
Ex signal and alarm equipment (MEDC).
Ex CEE Plugs and sockets and eXLink connectors.
Ex Junction and terminal boxes in Polyester (GRP) or Stainless steel (304L or 316L) custom made.
Ex Cable glands for Ex e, Ex d, Ex i and barrier glands for Ex d enclosures.
Ex Control stations, custom made.
Ex Safety and main switches.
Ex Distribution boards Ex d solutions in aluminum and Stainless steel and Ex de Solutions in Polyester (GRP) or Stainless steel (304L or 316L) custom made.
Ex Heaters, process heaters, air duct heaters, Packaged Heating Systems, control systems, air heaters, line heaters and immersion heaters.
Ex p - Pressurized panels, control , Ex p solutions for large motors, room pressurization and computer workstations.
Ex Cooper Crouse-Hinds NEC American equipment.

Exi components, Zener barriers, fieldbus components etc. 

Marine and industrial versions of many products, please contact us for further information

SafeExIT A/S is specialized in explosion protected electrical equipment for hazardous areas according to European, IEC Ex and NEC standards. ATEX certificates for all products are standard as well as extensive temperature ranges.
We are distributor for the world largest manufacturer of explosion protected products Cooper Crouse-Hinds and represent other manufactures to complete our range of products.
Due to the outstanding quality of the products and the experience of our employees through many years, SafeExIT A/S is the partner for your application.

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