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Company Profile

RelyOn Nutec have been delivering specialist safety training, tailored to clients’ needs, for more than 50 years. We have a portfolio of +200 unique safety trainings that can be offered in our classrooms, as practical training, online or at your worksite. 

Our training solutions are designed with the principle of providing realistic and fully immersive training experiences.  Our capability has developed beyond safety and survival training, to include more advanced and technical training and corporate services to help companies better manage their overall training and competence needs. We play an increasingly significant role in developing a safe workplace helping customers in safety critical industries improve safety.

Our expert instructors ensure that all delegates receive a personal and professional training experience, each day, every day. We work closely with all delegates to provide total reassurance, helping them to meet the safety standards expected in the North Sea and beyond.



RelyOn Nutec provide safety training to the Oil & Gas, Maritime, Renewables, Industry, Defense and public sector. The core subjects range from essential health and safety, lifting operations, first aid and fire fighting to major emergency management – and cover both legislative and operational topics.



Our growing portfolio provides a comprehensive solution for delivering innovative digital courses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and boost workforce compliance and competence. 

We have taken e-learning to the next level by combining computing power and modern tech algorithms, to  automatically adjust the training to each learner’s needs. Adaptive learning drastically reduces training time, increases proficiency and retention of knowledge as well as provides rich learning analytics for further development of competences. 


Managed Services

Our managed services are focused on simplifying your operation so you can focus on your core business. We provide access to our sophisticated software platform which automates our service and integrates with your own systems, a flexible support service that scales to suit your business needs.



We can help you create a safety culture which will reduce operational costs and deliver a competent and efficient workforce. Consultancy services include safety leadership training, competence management and bespoke training scenarios to prepare your organisation for critical safety issues you may face.


To support your organization we offer free access to the RelyOn Nutec Business Portal, our self-service application to manage your safety training, book training and access the e-learning portfolio.

For more advanced training compliance and competence management we offer a full scale management system fully integrated to a comprehensive training catalogue.



Simulators allow operators to train in a risk-free environment and to practice difficult operational procedures and challenges. In Esbjerg we have a full scale crane simulator that can be programmed according to your specific lifting operation. This will reduce your non-productive time and increase competence levels of operators.

Accreditation and Standards

RelyOn Nutec Denmark are ISO 9001 certified. All courses are delivered in accordance with relevant industry standards and regulations such as GWO, OPITO and STCW. 


Our Main Courses

Oil & Gas

  • OPITO Offshore Safety Training (BOSIET, FOET & HUET)
  • H2S
  • Offshore Boat training (FRB, MOB & Lifeboat)
  • Fire Team Member
  • Fire Team Leader
  • Helicopter Landing Officer
  • Confined Space


  • STCW Basic Safety (First Aid, Personal Safety & Survival)
  • STCW Fire Fighting
  • STCW Advanced Fire Fighting
  • STCW 3-in-1 Boat Training
  • Freefall boat
  • Boat Transfer


  • GWO Basic Safety Training (Sea Survival, Working at Height, Manual Handling, First Aid & Fire Awareness) 
  • GWO Basic Technical Training (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics)
  • GWO Slinger Signaller
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training
  • GWO Enhanced First Aid
  • GWO Limited Access
  • CCNSG Passport
  • Check our available list of courses at   

Bespoke Training

RelyOn Nutec has a wide range of Subject Matter Experts who can help you develop a customized training og e-learning according to your specific need. 

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