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Solar Offshore

Industrivej Vest 43
DK-6600 Vejen
+45 76 52 70 30 (daytime)
+45 76 52 71 12 (nighttime)
8 ansatte

Bjarne Tarp

At Solar Offshore, we offer technical support and always do our best to find the solutions that fit your business. We have more than 30 years of experience and possess extensive knowledge within our field.

Being part of a sourcing and services company, Solar Offshore focuses on each individual customer. We want to work closely with you to offer tailored services that underspin your efforts to optimize daily processes, develop your skills and run more profitable businesses. We know that downtime is costly in the offshore sector. Here customers need a partner like Solar Offshore that offers a full product range.

Through our extensive partner network Solar Offshore has access to well-known brands as well as special order items. Our distribution system and warehouse structure ensure availability of a wide range of industry and offshore/marine components, and our dedicated team of employees ensure accurate delivery at your request.

At Solar we will build our business around insights and a profound TCO mindset.

Please do not hesitate to contact Solar Offshore for further information regarding electric equipment in general ATEX certified products in particular.

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