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LICengineering A/S

Kirkegade 25
DK-6700 Esbjerg
+45 75 18 16 88 (daytime)
28 ansatte

Nils Fog Gjersøe

Copenhagen Office:
Ehlersvej 24
DK-2900 Hellerup
Phone: +45 39 62 16 42
Telefax: +45 39 62 54 80
Email: [email protected]

LICengineering A/S is an engineering company with offices based in Copenhagen and Esbjerg. We provide engineering and consultancy services to the offshore industry. This includes advanced and unique methods within hydrodynamic as well as structural analysis. Our main services include:

  • Pipeline and riser design, offshore/onshore engineering
  • Well conductor structural analysis
  • Design of subsea assemblies, valve stations, protection structures, drilling templates
  • Subsea engineering including subsea control systems
  • Pipeline infrastructure and precommissioning design and procedures, definition of related
    subsea systems
  • Subsea/offshore structural repair, design and installation engineering and work procedures
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Jacket re-analysis including dynamic analysis
  • Dynamic analysis of flexible riser
  • Design and analysis of offshore wind turbine towers and foundations
  • Jacket/foundation structure design for offshore windfarm transformer stations
  • Seafastening and support structure design for offshore windfarm components
  • Repair engineering for windfarm J-tube and cable protection systems
  • Structural and dynamic testing and analysis of windfarm cables
  • Field supervision within offshore construction
  • Development of specialised mechanical and hydraulic tools for offshore works,windfarm and oil
    and gas sector
  • Structural analysis and design for onshore wind turbine tower transport systems
  • Outsourcing of specialist engineers for technical assistance to wind-farm/oil and gas operators/developers
  • Technical assistance, tendering of large offshore contracts
  • Research and development
  • Workshop for experimental/testing work
  • Supply of subsea components including design, fabrication and testing.
  • Project management large engineering projects (new bullet)


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