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Roxtec Denmark ApS

Huginsvej 3
DK-3400 Hillerød
+45 49 18 47 47 (daytime)
8 employees


René Dalgaard Kristensen

+45 28104786

About Roxtec and Multidiameter™

Roxtec Denmark ApS is a part of the Swedish Roxtec Group, a world-leading provider of modular-based cable and pipe seals for certified protection against multiple risks.

The company’s invention for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes, Multidiameter™, is based on sealing modules with removable rubber layers and allows for a perfect sealing, regardless of the outside dimension of the cable or pipe. The technology simplifies design, speeds up installation and reduces the need for stock, material and logistics. It also provides spare capacity for upgrades. Roxtec serves and supports customers in more than 80 markets through subsidiaries and distributors.

For more information please visit http://www.roxtec.com or http://www.roxtec.com/dk