Danish Offshore Industry

Jens Lysholdt Eftf. A/S

Darumvej 87-89
DK-6700 Esbjerg
+45 75 12 10 22 (daytime)
+45 75 12 10 22 (nighttime)
39 employees


Allan Andersen

GENERAL SHIPSUPPLIER with 40 years experience in offshore supplies. Supply of Provision, bonded - pantry, deck-engine stores to all types of customers:

  • Offshore Rigs and Platforms
  • Major shipowners in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Russia
  • Management companies worldwide
  • All different kinds of ships calling over Europe
  • Ferrylines - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, England, Holland and Germany
  • Cruise ships calling Europe
  • Militarybases
  • Canteens/Staaff restaurants

    24 hours service, which is possible, due to warehouse capacity of 4.000 m2 stock and 950 m3 freezing and cooling capacity, totally we can deliver more than 32.000 different items within short notice.