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About DOI

Danish Offshore Industry has been published since 1982! 38 years in the market has proved that there is a need for a total inventory of the companies involved in the Danish offshore industry. The 2020-issue (published on January 31st), consequently, was a description of 100 companies acting as suppliers to the offshore sector. The printed version consists of 80 A4 pages containing a number of articles on the industry (to be read on this site, too).

Danish Offshore Industry will be distributed at the danish market and on offshore exhibitions in Aberdeen, Stavanger, Amsterdam and Houston.

You have now entered the internet version of Danish Offshore Industry. Information from the printed version of DOI can be found in total at the Internet (including advertisements). Enter “category” at the front page to find relevant suppliers within the various products or services. It is possible to enter advertisements for each of the categories the electronic market place is divided into – price 2,300 DKK per category. Contact the address below.

The 2020-issue of Danish Offshore Industry will be published on February 5th, 2021. If you want to be represented, you may contact the publishers concerning prices and registrations to be entered into the index covering the printed as well as the internet version (DKK 3,700) – just enter applicable data on the front page.


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